Top 5 Web Marketing Tools

You can’t afford to ignore the power of web marketing tools. From Google Ads to Rank Tracker, it’s hard to know which ones are worth using to boost your online presence. Let’s take a closer look at the top five tools for website traffic. We’ll also talk about how to use them for a better ROI and increased conversions. We’ll go over each tool’s strengths and limitations so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Google Ads

While the benefits of Google Ads as a web marketing tool are clear, there are some caveats. Ad campaigns need to match your company’s goals. Bad optimization, for example, can make your campaign ineffective and increase costs. There are several ways to control your ad campaigns and maximize their effectiveness. You may even want to consider hiring an agency or building an internal marketing team to run your campaign.

Google Ads can be used on desktop and mobile and will help you drive good-fit traffic to your business website. It can increase website traffic, increase call volume, and even drive visitors into your store. The information you gather from your ad campaigns can help you make more informed decisions. In addition, Google Ads can be tailored to fit any budget and can be paused at any time. To learn more about Google Ads, download a free tutorial.

Rank Tracker

The best rank tracker is a tool that offers on-page and off-page SEO analytics. Most rank trackers will help you track your rankings across desktop and mobile devices, but not all of them support mobile optimization. A good rank tracker will look at map placement, ads, and video to provide a more complete picture of where your site is showing up. The cost of this web marketing tool is fairly affordable, and pricing starts at just $31 per month for up to 10 sites.

The main feature of Rank Tracker is that you can track unlimited keywords and analyze their rankings across different locations. This tool also provides you with the ability to monitor the top 100 results and compare them to your competitors’. The feature also helps you analyze competitor ranking performance, which is useful for SEO. You can also monitor your visibility score and average position over time with the help of Rank Tracker. Rank Tracker will tell you whether your website is improving or losing positions.


With EasySendy, you can automate your email campaigns and engage customers and prospects. You can set up drip campaigns or edit pre-designed pop-up forms, and your subscribers will automatically receive emails when certain conditions are met, such as completing a specific activity or decision. EasySendy is an affordable option for small businesses and marketers looking to automate their email campaigns. You can also use EasySendy’s drag-and-drop platform to set up multiple campaigns.

EasySendy Drip is an email automation tool that allows you to send emails when your subscribers open them, as well as update their contact information or transfer them to another email list. You can also use EasySendy to create advanced email campaigns, including those that trigger when new content is published on your site. EasySendy supports several email delivery servers, including Gmail and MX Network. It also includes a re-engagement tool.

Market Samurai

You will be able to discover the best keywords for your website using Market Samurai. This software helps you identify keywords that are profitable and have a high level of competition. Market Samurai helps you decide which market to target for the right amount of traffic. If your website does not have a large enough audience, you should avoid pursuing low-value keywords. If you want to increase traffic to your website, you can target niches with high demand.

This keyword research tool helps you build a list of over 800 keywords. Unlike other keyword research tools, Market Samurai lets you find out more about each keyword. You can find out the average monthly search volume for a keyword, as well as the quality of links to a website. Market Samurai filters out keywords that do not meet the rules of keyword research. You can also learn about the keyword’s monetary value and its search volume.


Outbrain is a powerful tool to promote your website, blog, or product. It charges you based on the number of clicks you get, and you can set a CPC (cost per click) limit. However, you can also choose a non-credit card option to save money. To get started, you must sign up for the company’s free trial. Afterward, you can opt to pay a monthly fee of 2.9-4 percent.

The Outbrain platform includes paid content placement on other sites. With its network of more than 100,000 publishers, you can choose what type of content you want to promote, and when. The Outbrain web marketing tools make this possible. Once your content has been approved, you can select from a variety of content types to receive recommendations. Your content will be boosted and ranked highly by Outbrain, and you will receive a share of the revenue.


Canva is an online graphic design tool. Since its launch in 2012, it has become an extremely popular graphic design tool. In fact, the company is now a billion-dollar company and has nearly 1,000 employees. Moreover, it boasts of 10 million registered users. While its features may not be as advanced as those of Adobe’s products, it does offer a lot of design inspiration. Consequently, it makes it easy to create engaging content and attract targeted audiences.

The versatility of Canva allows you to make any type of design that you need. The tool also allows you to post your designs directly to your social media accounts. It can also convert your content into a file that you can easily post. Although Canva does charge for its premium images, the software is free to use. Even if you’re new to online graphic design, you can still utilize the platform to create stunning social media posts.