How to Get Your iOS Apps Featured in the Apple App Store

Whether you are new to the iOS app store or a veteran developer, there are many different ways to get your iOS apps listed and featured in the App Store. Here are some tips to get you started.

Alternative iOS app stores exist

Those who want to find apps for their iOS devices can choose from a range of app stores. The Apple App Store is the biggest, but there are other options. Some app stores offer a more tailored experience to specific markets. These stores can be a great way to reach a wider audience and boost your app’s visibility.

Whether you are an app developer or an app consumer, you should know about these alternative iOS app stores. Some offer free apps, while others focus on mobile gaming. These stores can be useful in increasing your downloads and conversion rates. It is important to understand how they work before you choose one.

CokerNutX is a popular alternative iOS app store. It offers a wide range of apps without requiring jailbreak or an Apple account. The store is free and supports all iOS versions. It also comes with encrypted SSL and a user-friendly interface.

Search for apps on iOS

Fortunately, Apple has recently updated its App Store search feature to allow users to narrow down their search results. This new feature is currently rolling out in certain regions. For now, you can try it out in your own region, but Apple plans to expand it globally in the near future.

The new App Store search feature gives users the option to filter their search results by category, price, and age restrictions. These filters can be found under the Settings app. Alternatively, you can use the search feature on the App Store website.

In order to use the new App Store search feature, you’ll need to sign in. Once you are signed in, you’ll have the option to search for apps using keywords. You’ll also be able to tap on search suggestions to refine your search.

Get featured in the App Store

Getting featured in the iOS App Store can be a very beneficial promotional tactic for an app. It’s a win-win situation for both the developer and the store: the developer gains exposure and the store gains exposure.

To get featured on the App Store, you need to follow some basic steps. Apple has a team of editors who select apps to be featured. This team evaluates each submission on its own merits, focusing on high quality apps.

To get a feature, you will need to fill out an app submission form. This form asks you to fill out a variety of information, including a brief description of your app, screenshots, and a short marketing materials. The more information you provide, the better your chances of getting featured.

Find the app icon that converts the best

Choosing the right app icon for your mobile app can make a world of difference. Using the correct iconographic etiquette will ensure a smooth user experience, and more importantly, a higher retention rate. With a little research, you can improve your app’s performance and increase your bottom line. A good app icon can mean the difference between a first time visitor and an organic install. So, spend some time designing an icon that your users will love. Make the app icon big and bold and you’ll see the results. A good app icon will also entice users to install. So, spend time and energy crafting a mobile app icon that will wow your users and boost your retention rate in the process. This should be a top priority for any mobile app builder.

Rate default iOS apps

Until recently, Apple didn’t allow users to rate default iOS apps in the iOS app store. This meant that if someone was unhappy with an app, they couldn’t uninstall it from their iPhone. However, in iOS 12 and 13, Apple allowed users to remove apps that had been installed by default.

This change allowed users to leave personal appraisals of Apple products, and allowed the company to receive more feedback on its apps. Apple also stopped favoring its own apps in rankings. But critics raised anti-competition concerns about the company’s strategy.

Apple also recently introduced the App Store Connect service, which allows developers to respond to reviews and edit responses. This will help the company better respond to criticism. The company has also set up a support website for App Store ratings.