How to Edit PDF Files Online

If you’re interested in learning how to edit PDF files, you’ve probably heard about the many free solutions available online. But what is a free solution, and why should you use one? In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various free solutions, including PDF Online. These free solutions offer a large space for experiments and a full complement of editing features. To use them, simply select a suitable solution from the list below.

Sejda PDF Editor

There are many benefits to using Sejda PDF Editor, but there are also some disadvantages. The free version has numerous limitations, such as not being able to convert larger PDF files or handling more than 50MB. Users also have to convert one document at a time. To avoid this, it is better to purchase the paid version. However, there are a few things you should know before using Sejda.

You can use Sejda offline without Internet connection. The program is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and most browsers. If you don’t have a computer, you can use the software on any mobile device, including a smart phone. You can also work offline on your PDF files. Sejda includes OCR, which enables you to extract text from scanned PDF documents. It also allows you to edit and rotate documents.

CutePDF Editor

If you want to edit PDF files online, you can try CutePDF Editor. This tool is free and allows you to edit your files without the need to download any software. You can use it to edit PDF files and save them to your computer, flash drive, office, or library. You can also print them out. CutePDF Editor does not have any complicated features, but it does the job. It is a good alternative for those who do not have time to edit PDF files on a regular basis.

In addition to editing PDF files, CutePDF Writer is a powerful software for creating PDF documents. It is free for Windows PCs and integrates itself with most applications, including Acrobat Reader. You can use it to print documents, merge and edit PDF files, add headers, and resize PDF documents. You can even upload PDFs directly from CutePDF. The premium version allows you to add digital signatures and more features to your files.


The PDF Zorro is an online PDF editor. It has similar features as other online PDF editors, such as adding or removing text, rotating pages, and deleting individual pages. It can also merge PDF files, remove encryption, and convert other file types to pdf format. It even lets you edit and redact PDF documents. It is free to use and comes with a range of useful features. Here’s how to use it.

One of the most notable features of PDFzorro is its convenience. Its browser-based interface allows editing in real-time, and there is no need to install anything. You can add signatures, whiteout text, highlight text, and add comments to PDF files. The site also has SSL security, so your documents are protected from prying eyes. You can also merge files and convert them with PDFzorro.


If you’ve ever needed to edit a PDF document, UPDF has a solution for you. This tool allows you to add text, pictures, and markups to PDF documents. Adding comments, underlining text, and zooming are all simple and intuitive features of UPDF. It’s even possible to add an electronic signature and even add handwritten one. Best of all, UPDF is free! But before you start editing, take a look at the features it offers.

Apart from text editing, UPDF also offers some powerful functions. It can rotate pages, delete unwanted ones, insert blank pages, and extract pages from a PDF document. You can even rotate the pages left and right. You can even add a page or two from another PDF document and insert it into your original document. All of these features make UPDF a versatile PDF annotator. To see more features, download UPDF today!


If you want to edit PDF files online, you can try ScanWritr. This online PDF editor is a free service that enables you to clean up your documents, including your scanned PDF files. ScanWritr doesn’t require installation and provides comprehensive image enhancement features. You can even improve contrast automatically, which is an important feature for photos. You can add several files to a single document. Once uploaded, the edited PDF can be viewed or saved.

The ScanWritr app offers an online document editor, making it simple to edit PDF documents. ScanWritr can recognize all major document formats, allowing you to edit scanned documents without the hassle of manually converting them. ScanWritr also supports picture formats, meaning you can add photos and scanned documents. You can even edit existing PDF files. All of these features make ScanWritr an ideal tool for all types of document editing.