Cyber Security Tips For Small Businesses

If you’re worried about cyber attacks, you should consider implementing Cloud-based systems instead of physical servers. They are much more secure. They also protect networks from malware, botnets, and advanced threats. Cisco Umbrella is a great security tool that also educates users. Using two-factor authentication is a good way to make sure your network is protected from malicious activities. And it’s free! So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Cloud-based systems are more secure than a physical server

Cloud-based systems are considered more secure than a physical server for several reasons. For one thing, cloud storage is not limited to one physical location. Data can be stored in a variety of locations, including multiple data centers. The built-in redundancy of cloud servers protects against natural disasters and physical failure. However, it is difficult to say whether cloud-based systems are more secure than physical servers.

Despite the fact that the cloud can be anywhere, data is stored in multiple geo-independent data centers. Most large cloud providers safeguard their data by virtualizing servers so they can be moved from one data center to another. While there are cases of massive attacks on traditional servers, most of these have not occurred on large public clouds. Instead, they target traditional servers. And, in most cases, physical servers are not the target of most cyberattacks.

Limit access to sensitive data

To avoid data breaches, businesses should limit the access of employees to sensitive data. Employees may accidentally or intentionally expose sensitive information, which is why it is so important to limit access. Limit access to sensitive data by segmenting the data into separate areas and granting different job roles with different passwords. While this may be a complex process, it is essential for minimizing cyber security risks. In addition to segmenting sensitive data, businesses should encrypt customer information, employee records, and financial data. Encryption, or scrambling data, is an excellent way to protect your company from cyber attacks.

Use two-factor authentication

Using two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect your cyber security is an excellent way to prevent hackers from accessing your data. Authenticating with a user’s device is essential, because a lost or stolen device can allow an unauthorized entity to gain access to your sensitive information. As a result, users should make sure that they keep track of where they keep their devices and don’t give them to others.

Some sectors are more likely to implement 2FA, such as financial institutions and online banks. For example, two-thirds of businesses in the information and communications sector use 2FA. However, only one-fifth of businesses in the food and hospitality sector use this security measure. Other sectors that have low two-factor authentication uptake include utilities and production. But these sectors are a prime target for cyber criminals, including ransomware gangs.

Check security settings on social media accounts

If you’re not sure how to keep your social media accounts private, you should check security settings on your social media accounts. Using the “public” settings on Facebook or Twitter will allow anyone to view all of your posts. You should instead choose the highest security level so that no one can access your personal information. Also, make sure your password is difficult to guess and that it’s unique to your account. Most social media platforms will email you if they find suspicious activity on your account.

You can also set your privacy settings on most social media accounts. Facebook offers a privacy menu that lets you control who can see your public posts. You can even choose to restrict who can see private messages, videos, and other platform-specific features. If you’re still worried about your privacy, you can even opt for a security audit to see whether the settings are up to your standards. This option is especially helpful if you’re concerned about the safety of your children’s online activity.