Top 5 Web Marketing Tools

There are literally thousands of web marketing tools. You may not have heard of all of them, but you may be surprised to find out that many of these tools are free or have very affordable paid options. Some of the most popular tools are listed below. They all take mere seconds to use and answer specific questions. These tools can really boost your traffic, increase conversion rates, and more. Some of them can even help you find the most profitable niche. We’ve listed them in no particular order.

Keyword Niche Finder

With a simple keyword research tool, you can refine your research to find keywords that are specific to your target market. You can refine your results by region, location, targeting parameters, and content. Having relevant keywords on your web pages will help your page get listed in Google search results and improve traffic and conversions. It can also help you target your ad campaigns with Facebook ads. This web marketing tool will help you identify the keywords your target market uses most frequently to find what you have to offer.


HootSuite is one of the best web marketing tools around, as it consolidates social media management into a single dashboard. This allows users to post to multiple networks at once and track audience reactions. It’s particularly useful for businesses or individuals with multiple social media accounts. The service has several other features as well, such as analytics. This article will explain the different ways that HootSuite can benefit your business.

Google Analytics

One of the main features of Google Analytics is that it helps digital marketers learn how visitors interact with their website. They can set up dashboards that monitor website traffic and see what sources are driving traffic to their site. These reports are updated in real time and offer powerful insights. However, some web marketing tools may not be as powerful as Google Analytics. If you’re still not convinced, keep reading. Here are some tips for getting started with Google Analytics.

Google Suggest

You can use the Google Suggest web marketing tool to come up with new content ideas and keywords for your online marketing campaigns. The algorithm that Google uses when recommending new keywords works by copying web pages as robots visit them. A cache is a saved copy of a web page in a web browser or proxy. This means that the suggested phrases may contain strange characters or terms. To avoid having your content appear too often, you should consider creating a list of keywords that you want to target with your online marketing campaigns.

Google Adwords

Among the advantages of using Google Adwords as a web marketing strategy is that it allows businesses to test different types of ads and determine which ones work best. Depending on the size of your budget, you can choose from many different types of ads. Google also gives you the opportunity to customize your ads according to your business’s products and goals. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of Google Adwords.


If you’re looking for a web marketing tool that can help you identify your prospects and decision makers, Leadfeeder is a great option. It offers a robust database that lets you target potential customers. You can also customize Leadfeeder for your industry, employees, and custom properties. As a bonus, you can set up a Slack notification so you can be alerted if someone visits your website. Using Leadfeeder is a great way to increase your leads while freeing up time for salespeople to work.


For a more personalized approach to online marketing, Mixpanel is a good choice. Users can customize their implementation, choose what data to collect, and even set up custom metrics for their site. The data is easily analyzed and grouped by standard metrics, including active users, bounce rates, conversion rates, and drop-off rates. Moreover, the system provides reports for both individual and team users. Users can also customize notifications based on their preferences.


Canva has seen rapid growth, with over 15 million users and more than 300,000 paying customers. In fact, they’re currently valued at 3.2 billion dollars, and recently closed a $125 million funding round. During the first two years, they reached 2 million users and averaged 3,600 signups per day, or 111,111 per month. They did so largely through marketing. Today, they’ve managed to accumulate over 10 million backlinks, a metric they use to measure their growth.