How to Create GIFs Online

When you want to create an animated GIF, you can use a tool that lets you make the animation in your browser. There are several tools available for you to use, including the Animated GIF Creator, EXGIF, Giphy, and more. Here are some examples of how to use them. You can also download these images to your computer and edit them in Photoshop or other image editing software. Once you have created your GIF, you can share it with your friends and family through e-mail.

Animated GIF Maker

Animated GIF Maker online is a tool that allows users to convert video or images into a single, reusable format. The produced GIFs are high quality and are free of watermarks or attribution. The user can also edit an existing GIF to change its settings and add text. The tool also lets users select multiple images and change the animation speed and frame order. Animated GIF Maker online makes it easy to create and share animated images.

Once you’ve selected the image files, you can organize them into a timeline. The timeline helps to create a smooth flow of animation and a ready-made image set. To open the Timeline panel, click Window > Timeline. The Timeline will appear at the bottom right corner of the screen. Click Play to preview the animation. To change a frame, click the arrows to move it to a new position.

IGif Creator

While using the IGif Creator online, you may wonder whether it’s worth it. After all, this is a free tool that’s available online and comes with a decent amount of customization options. For instance, you can upload your own icons and text, and you can also make the file larger or smaller. However, one of its biggest drawbacks is that the canvas is rather cumbersome. In addition, you can’t use URLs to add to the GIF or crop the image.

To create an animated GIF, you’ll first need to load an image or video. Giphy’s GIF creator lets you import both images and videos. You can also import videos from YouTube and Vimeo. You can then arrange the files on the page or add a caption. There are also filters and stickers that you can apply to your image. Alternatively, you can use a freehand drawing tool to make your gifs look more personal.


Whether you want to share your new GIF on your blog, on your social media profile, or anywhere else, you can create one of these animated gifs online. First, select the file you want to create a GIF from and then click the File menu and then select Export. In the Export menu, select GIF and select the appropriate format, which is usually.gif. Choose a file with a minimum of 50MB, or upload several smaller ones. Choose an output format, then click on the “Export” button. Choose the quality of the image by choosing a standard GIF, or GIF 128 dither, which will help you avoid color banding. If the image is large, choose “Pro” mode, which will allow you to edit the images.

Uploading a video is a simple process, but it can take a while, especially if your internet connection is slow. You can limit the duration of the video to a few seconds, and you can edit the images before exporting them. Afterwards, you can download the final result. However, the files will be deleted after a period of time, so it’s recommended to download the file to your computer or upload it to an image hosting site.


It’s now possible to create gifs online, and if you’ve always wanted to share an image or video, creating a GIF slideshow is a snap. Giphy’s GIF creator makes it easy to upload, edit, and share your images and videos. You can add captions, stickers, filters, and drawings to your GIFs, and choose which style you want to make it.

The GIF animation is highly customizable. You can crop, resize, and optimize the file to use on your site or social profile. You can also control the delay time, which is measured in one hundredths of a second. The larger the delay, the slower the animation appears. Delay time values less than 2 are ignored by some browsers. If you’d like to use Giphy for your website, make sure you have a wide enough width and height to fit the GIF.


If you’re tired of looking for the same gif over, you should give Tenor a try. The company is one of the most successful in the GIF search space, having raised more than $32 million since its seed round in late 2014. And the funding has been growing steadily, with $17 million in Series B funding this month from investors such as Redpoint Ventures, Cowboy Ventures, and Menlo Capital. The new funding will allow the company to double its headcount over the next year, and scale to become a global leader in GIF search.

As an early adopter of GIF technology, Tenor has been working to bring the service to the masses. The company claims that users access its GIF Keyboard five times a day, generating over 2 billion GIF searches per month. In other words, the company has figured out how to make the process of searching for the right GIF as quick and easy as possible. It also integrates mobile keyboards across the major operating systems, making it even easier for people to send GIFs to their friends.

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