Four Ways to Get Your Apps Listed on the Android App Store

The Android app store is operated by Google. Previously known as the Android Market, it is a digital distribution service. Thousands of apps are available for download, and developers compete for your business. There are many benefits to developing an application on the Android platform, and these benefits make it more valuable than ever to attract new users. If you’re looking for apps, Google’s platform has everything you’ll ever need. Here are four of the most popular apps available for Android devices.

Google Play

You can download a Google Play application on your Android device and browse through it just like you would on the iPhone or iPad. The browser version of the Google Play app store is a great way to manage your account, look for new applications, and add items to your wish list. Although the quality of applications on the Google Play app store has decreased recently, Google has plans to make it more user-friendly. The quality of apps on the Google Play app store is still a concern.


Besides Google Play, there are many other alternatives to the app store, and one of them is Aptoide. This open-source application store is home to over one million apps and boasts of over 200 million users. Its unique features, including personalized recommendations, straightforward categorization, and editorial collections, have made it an incredibly popular alternative to Google Play. Furthermore, it offers developers an open-source platform where they can post their apps for free.


As an Android developer, you may have been wondering if there is a way to publish an app to more than one app store. The answer is yes, and this article will explain how to do it in CodeNgo. This multi-app store app publishing service will allow you to publish your app to over 30 different app stores, including the Top Chinese app store. China is a rapidly growing app market, and if you don’t have a presence there, you should definitely consider CodeNgo.

GetJar Gold

You may have heard about the new GetJar Gold for Android app store, which will allow you to download premium apps without paying for them. It’s a similar idea to Amazon’s free app of the day, with members getting a weekly list of the best apps. What’s so cool about this new service? Here’s how it works:

Oppo Software Store

If you own an Oppo phone, you’ve probably noticed the Oppo Software Store on Android app store. If you can’t get the apps and games you’d like to use on your oppo smartphone, you can download them from the Oppo Software Store. This app is the official market software of OPPO and is legal. All new Oppo devices include this app. You can also download it from third-party websites.

Tencent’s MyApp

When Baidu bought 91 Wireless for $1.9 billion in 2013, Tencent had their own Android app store, MyApp. Leveraging the popularity of WeChat, the Chinese social network, to promote MyApp, the Chinese company was able to boost conversion rates by 260%. Later that year, they formed the Mobile Hardware Alliance to exert influence on the distribution of games on Android. In the Android app store, MyApp now has over 200 million monthly active users.

Oppo’s MyApp

The latest entrant into the Android app store is Oppo’s MyApp, which is a mobile application store created by the Chinese consumer electronics giant. Oppo, formerly known as BBK Electronics, is a mobile communications and consumer electronics company with over 210 million monthly active users. While Oppo does not produce smartphones itself, its MyApp app store is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Oppo’s app store is owned by the internet giant Tencent, which also publishes the popular WeChat app, but does not produce them.

Oppo’s Software Store

The OPPO Software Store on Android app store is a comprehensive resource for downloading applications, video games, and other software. The app is free to download and can be browsed by different criteria. It also allows users to manage apps and comment on other users’ apps. This app can be downloaded on any Android-powered phone, including Oppo devices. There are some prerequisites. Users must have knowledge of Chinese.